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Chimney Caps and Roof Ventilation

Metal chimneys are utilised for a large number of wood stove and pre-fab fireplace installations, also as in gas venting. Most all metal chimneys ought to have a cap or termination. This really is for a quantity of causes including:

1. There's nowhere for rain to go in these chimneys. Without having a cap, the rain will run into your stove, fireplace or heater and/or ruin your walls and ceilings.

2. Birds and also other animals will appreciate the warmth of the chimney and possibly clog it with nests. The cap helps keep them out.

3. Metal chimneys are created of two or 3 layers of metal with air or insulation in between them. Without having a cap, water and moisture can get into these layers and cause premature failure with the chimney and other troubles.

Most metal chimneys are sold and installed having a termination cap which is manufactured by the maker with the chimney components. This really is oftentimes the very best and safest cap to utilize because it is developed specifically for the precise brand. You can find instances whenever you may ought to install a generic retrofit onto a metal chimney, for example when:

1. You've got draft or wind troubles.

2. Your cap has worn out and you can't find the manufacturer of one's chimney.

If you have draft troubles you can use "draft increasing" or vacuum chimney caps that are developed to use the wind to create a stronger updraft.



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