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Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone-Coated Steel Roofing may be the right choice for you. Here are some notes about stone-coated steel roofing materials compared to other common commercially available roof materials.


Comparing manufacturers’ specifications, at 140 pounds per square (1.4 lbs per sq ft), a steel-coated roof weighs less than half (40%) with the typical composition or wood shake roof. So-called "lightweight" fiber cement roofs are a lot more than 4 occasions heavier than steel-coated. Added weight signifies far more pressure on framing and trusses, which contributes to settling and develops into cracks on walls and ceilings. To limit the probabilities of the roof collapsing, all national constructing codes require extra assistance for any roofing systems that exceeds 600 pounds per square (six lbs per sq. ft.).


Since it is made out of steel, steel-coated panels are incombustible and protected from exposure to airborne burning ciders and fireworks. The patented interlocking fastening technique prevents the tiles and shakes from lifting and permitting blowing embers to ignite the roof deck. Where Class A roofs are mandated, steel-coated ought to be installed with specified underlayments, as tested ASTM E-108, UBC-15-2 and U.L. 790 Class A fire tests.

Ice & Snow!

Steel-coated roofs have excellent compatibility with snow and ice. The stone/steel panels do not absorb water and readily shed snow. Freeze/thaw cycles do not cause the tiles or shakes to raise and loosen mainly because from the interlocking fastening program.


Comparative independent tests, conducted at Terra Lab engineers International, demonstrated that steel-coated withstood simulated hailstones as large as 3 inches in diameter. All of the other tested materials (lightweight concrete, concrete tile, clay tile, composition asphalt shingles, and medium cedar shakes), suffered "severe damage" under the same conditions.


Steel is 100% recyclable. There is little waste and it can be recycled an infinite number of instances without degradation. Stone-coated steel panels are designed to be installed directly over existing roofs, which eliminates tearing off the old roof and further burdening over-capacity landfills.


Real estate professionals consider steel-coated a premium roof that adds value to a home. The durable appearance, long life, and fire resistance features are of major importance to the prospective home buyer, not to mention the fully transferable warranty.



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